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Soccer Italian Style is proud to present TacticalPad!

TacticalPad is a sports software that can be used to do tactical analysis, to evaluate team's performance and draw tactical diagrams.
With this innovative and powerful tool you will be able to draw formations, animations, see then in 3D, edit videos and export the content created to videos and images.

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Soccer italian Style


Soccer Italian Style came out the meeting of two bright, highly qualified coaches, Mirko Mazzantini and Simone Bombardieri who together have over 30 years of experience in professional clubs and have been training young players in every category (U6 to U16) . They have worked for over 15 years in one of the bests clubs in Italy, the Empoli Football Club and its Academy of Young Players, several of whom have gone on to play in upper divisions including the Italian Series A.

The success of Soccer Italian Style is due to their founders' ability to transmit their knowledge, experience and their methods for training young players of all ages, professional and non professional. All is done with competence, professionality and great simplicity.

The mission of Soccer Italian Style, based in Empoli, Italy, is to be a point of reference for coaches, players and athletic clubs worldwide.
Since 2005, Mazzantini and Bombardieri have held several conventions for coaches and young players in Italy, the United States, Canada, Poland, Norway and New Zealand, invitated by both local soccer federations and clubs and all those related to the world of soccer. Their work has always been met with great appreciation and much esteem.

In 2007, during the soccer coaching convention in Vancouver ,Canada, Soccer Italian Style (SIS) was voted to be the best teaching method used among the most important professional soccer clubs on a worldwide level.
For this reason they have been invited throughout Italy, The United States, Canada, Norway and New Zealand to organize Summer Camps open to both boys and girls. The great success of these summer camps is seen in the very large number of participants.
This result comes from the commitment and competence of the two founders who organize their training camps not only with high level techniques, hard work and professionalism but with a lot of fun and passion for soccer.

Soccer Italian Style, furthermore, offers conferences and clinics for managers, coaches and trainers. There are two phases to these meetings: one on the field with practical drills using local players and a time of classroom instruction using footage from professionally produced SIS dvds which show actual teaching and training sessions done in their professional clubs.

If you are a club and want to hold an extremely productive training conference-clinic or camp to your staff, if you are an organization and are interested in setting up a conference-clinic for youth soccer in your area, if you are a local coach in your school or city and you would like to organize a something for your area, you can easily reach Soccer Italian Style through the Contact section in this website.
If you would like to have more information regarding the didactical and training materials click on Products on the home page.

Various clubs throughout the world are working with us and our professional staff continues to grow. Please go to the Staff link on the home page.

Mirko Mazzantini was born in 1977 in Fucecchio (Florence, Italy), where he began his career when he was only 19. Three years later, he was recruited by the Empoli Fc where, in 10 years, he rose through the ranks of the youth level. Graduated in Business Economy at the University of Pisa, he is a certified soccer coach through the "Young Players Coach" patent and Basic Coach UEFA A. He is also the author of many publications, articles, books and dvds for the main national and international sports publishing houses. Now he is now working for Acf Fiorentina with the U14 teams.

Simone Bombardieri was born in Empoli (Florence, Italy) in 1976. Growing up he played professionally for 5 years with the Empoli Football Club. At the age of 22 he began his career as a coach. After only 3 years in the youth sector of an amateur club in the area, he was hired by the Empoli FC where he has been coaching the youth categories (U6 – U15) for the past 15 years. He graduated from the University of Florence in Physical Education. He is a certified soccer coach through the "Young Players Coach" patent, and Basic Coach UEFA B.
He is presently the coach of the Empoli f.c. team U14. He is also the author of many publications, articles, books and dvds for the main national and international sports publishing houses.