Soccer Italian Style organizes coaching clinics for soccer clubs aimed at develop and improve youth soccer coaches. Professional development is synonymous of culture and professionalism, our young players deserve to be respected and developed by coaches who are both prepared and competent.

How is a clinic organized?

Coaching clinic consists of one or more meetings where the staff of Soccer Italian Style will organize the sessions based on the Club needs.

Generally a good part of the clinic is held in a classroom setting presenting topics of technical, tactical and motor skills content. Power point slides and videos will be used to aid the participants.

Ample time will be spent on the field, with the coaches and club players directly involved in the demonstrations.

Many topics will be covered depending on the club needs:

  • how to interact with the players based on their age
  • the role of the instructor: his/her competence
  • how to organize a training session
  • technical competence: how to improve technique
  • tactical competence: how and when to improve tactical understanding of the inividual and of the team

The clinic’s purpose is also to improve the organizational skills of the clubs such as:

  • Manage the relationship with the parents
  • Organize a modern youth sector

Why organize a clinic?

Clubs and technical directors require competent individuals, who can motivate the young players to come to training and prepare them for the game. Very often, specially in smaller clubs, coaches are volunteers who have other jobs or professions. Youth soccer requires individuals who can relate with young players, who know the various formation stages and motor requirements of the athlete.

Soccer Italian Style can help club coaches to improve and develop all those aspects.

How can I organize a clinic in my Club?

Simply go to the section “contacts” and write to us. All we need is a field to organize the event and a classroom where we can show our videos and interact with you.